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Gregory was set on parole and charged to rot in that prison for 5 to 20 years, with a chance for release on parole not before 5 years have passed. THEY HURT ME. I have had many a thought as of late about one day having some bees colonies to make honey - in which i would then make mead. The bees would go well with my idea of having goats and making feta cheese from their milk. FUCK NO. Only with my love can i stand together to face the forces of darkness in this world. Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter becomes the consort of itchy wiggle christ, future king of ireland. STUFF that would make hannibal lecter sick to his stomach. August HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU PEOPLE EAT A DEAD CHICKEN??? HA HA, no, definately not poland, that is a stupid choice, stupid place. SUCK SHIT YOU EATERS OF FLESH.

NO IT DID NOT. SNEEZE, COUGH, SNEEZE HA HA, you uninformed idiots. MTV tells this story very well. YOU WILL DIE FOR FREEDOM, SOLDIER, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT! Vultures, cheetahs. AIDS first appeared in schwarze faggots in africa that were raping monkeys in the ass - maybe jesus decided to create the AIDS virus to pay back the predator schwarze homos - or maybe the CIA in amiland decided that those monsters are too vile to live. Jassir Arafat finally died in paris last night. WHY NOT? SURRENDER DOROTHY! LET THEM EAT CAKE! December , it is christmas time again! HA HA! KILL TO KEEP THE MICHIGAN PRISONS OPEN! KILL FOR YOUR GOD: MONEY! KILL FOR MCDONALDS AND OBESITY AND A DEPLETED OZONE AND WHITE-MEAT CHICKEN MCNUGGETS! BE WELL! Cover introducing essay 1. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ 2. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ 3. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ 4. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ 5. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ 6. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ 7. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ 8. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ 9.

The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ closing words. November leverkusen, west germany 1. July dreams of longing, tragedy. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ and then it is morning, as promised by the gods of hell. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ homer simpson: "without the grease on my hotdog, all i can taste is the hog anus". The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ night night night, all my fears on fire, all my dreams ready to flood my mind. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ mostly cloudy, always mostly cloudy in the cold frigid hell of michigan, rain pouring down forever, jesus taking a piss all over michigan with his circumcision dick, piss down all over the evil michigan nazis.

December 6. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ all this talk about god is childish evasion. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ ah, the national news: george bush has fired his chef, and he needs a new chef. The Gospel of Itchy Wiggle Christ good morning, deutschland, it is easter sunday, April from prison in the usa closing words this book is free of charge for all friends and fans of gregory-john mc cormick, alias itchy, of the detroit band shock therapy.

November from leverkusen, germany.

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